Second Edition Notes

The purpose of the second edition is to ensure alignment of the Memory Joggecontent to the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) Body of Knowledge. Extensive enhancements have been made throughout the book in order to make it a valuable tool for anyone planning to be a Yellow Belt or planning to take the CSSYB exam. The second edition has additional content, new illustrations, and improved sequencing of material. Numerous tips have also been added to provide a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts, process, and tools. Templates from the Memory Jogger® are now available for download at

Specific content additions & updates include:

Whether it was new material being added, new graphics, updates to existing content, or resequencing of content, essentially every section of the Yellow Belt Memory Jogger Second Edition has had improvements made to it. Aspiring or seasoned, Yellow Belts should find this enhanced Memory Jogger to be an important tool in their process improvement toolkit.

Yellow Belt Memory Jogger Certification

The Memory Joggers from GOAL/QPC have a world-wide standing in the fields of quality, business methods, and improvement. GOAL/QPC also offers you the chance to demonstrate your Yellow Belt knowledge and expertise by becoming Yellow Belt Memory Jogger Certified. This certification will testify to your mastery of the Yellow Belt tools and methodologies and communicate this earned status to peers, managers, recruiters, and professionals. The certification, available at, is open book and consists of 40 questions from The Yellow Belt Memory Jogger taken online in your own time. We wish you well in your Lean Six Sigma journey.

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