Errata Sheet

Since the publication of the second edition of the Value Methodology Memory Jogger in 2018, SAVE International has published the VM Guide (a Guide to the Value Methodology Body of Knowledge). This guide serves as the foundation for SAVE International’s standards of practice and professional certification program. The Function Analysis Guide is being updated to be consistent with the VM Guide.

So, the VM Memory Jogger requires some updates. While the vast majority of the content of the VM Memory Jogger is still relevant, accurate, and consistent with SAVE VM practices, there are some noticeable revisions that are significant.

1. The VM Guide revised the VM Job Plan to 8 phases from 6-phases. The pre-workshop and post-workshop stages are now included with the original 6 phases of the workshop stage for an 8-phaser VM Job Plan (see VM Guide appendix C or the SAVE website:

2. The Glossary of VM terms, Appendix O should be supplemented by the VM Glossary of Terms in the VM Guide appendix A or the SAVE website:

3. Function Analysis Phase (formally phase 2, now phase 3); Chapter 7, page 45: refer to the Function Analysis Guide – 2nd edition 2021. The content is still relevant in concept. Some terms have changed.